Advanced technology and pure virgin materials, combined with our long experience, competent technical staff, years of evaluations and tests, lead us to the constant development and improvement of our THERMABOND alloys, the best biomedical , non-precious dental alloys in the market today. Millions of restorations of ceramics, crown and bridges, and partial dentures, have proven that the alloys manufactured by THERMABOND are safe and reliable , and recognized by thousands of technicians throughout the United States and around the world providing professional products for resale to be their first choice of non-precious Nickel-Chromium or Cobalt-Chromium alloys. Our research and development department staff with the combination of experienced dental professionals  and material scientists, are constantly in search for new products and the improvement of the existing ones. We use exclusively 99.9% pure ingredients in all our products: moreover, our laboratories continually research the materials that formulate our alloys. THERMABOND is the  product of dedication to excellence and the desire of delivering high performance products for your laboratory.


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