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 We are a wholesale distributor specializing in meeting the needs of licensed technicians, laboratories, and dental professionals.

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Specialty Alloys


                 Nickel-Chromium, with Beryllium.

                                                  Nickel-Chromium, Beryllium FREE.


                 Cobalt-Chromium base.

                                                  Cobalt Base, Hi-Heat, Nickel FREE & Beryllium FREE.

THERMABOND alloys are designed and formulated in the best tradition of the "super-alloys", a spin-off of the U.S. space program, and known to the dental alloys users as non-precious Nickel-Chromium and Cobalt-Chromium base alloys, which have been successfully used for more than thirty years.

They are superior to gold-base alloys, exhibiting higher tensile and yield strengths, a greater module of elasticity, superior elongation, a lower specific gravity and a higher bonding strength.

The bio-compatibility of these alloys have been determined by sub-dermal implants, which have indicated a tissue compatibility similar to gold base alloys.

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